Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shopping Haul in JB City Square.

Hello !
The sunday before I thought school resumes , I went to JB,malaysia with my mum to cure my pre school depression.
We only went to city square which is verrrrrrry near to the customs .(Just in case you stay under the drain)

P/s: I didn't bring my camera out that day , sorry for poor quality pictures !

Had swensen's for lunch.

I had terriyaki chicken pasta
Don't you miss this ???

Mum's tomato seafood pasta .

I didn't finish everything because I was disgusted by what I was eating when I barely finish half .

Headed to shop after lunch.
I bought like erm . A lot of things .
My mum paid for everything :)

Bape kids magazine RM 38

I know its last year and such but its too kawaii I cannt stand it !
And kino will easily cost more than SGD$30 .

From etude house , total purchase RM 23.65

Supposed to be RM 33+ but etude house is having a 30% sales of something .
Styling eyeliner RM 13.95
2 nail polish remover RM9.70

If I don't remember wrongly , the styling eyeliner cost round SGD$6, nail polish remover maybe. SGD$4.90 ?

From Watsons total purchase RM 28.40

Optrex eyedrops RM6.30 each
Gatsby paper cleansing wipes 7.90 each.

I bought optrex eyedrops at SGD$4.80 the other day, so my mum say buy more .
Can't remember how much the paper cleansing cost in sg, mum say just buy.

From sasa I bought double eye lid sticker .

1 for RM 8.90 but I got 2 for RM 13.90
I know its SGD$4.90 in sasa singapore .
So this is super worth it !!

Hair accessories from chamelon RM15

I think not very worth it but I still bought it .
3 small clips ( can't find the other) at RM0.70 each.
The floral shark clip is RM12.90
But I love it omg.

There are still a lot of cheap stuff that I didn't buy because I doubt the quality and such.
example I saw a hello kitty/winniethepooh / stitch earpiece selling at RM 19.80 in action city. I didn't buy because the hello kitty face dirty.
Another one will be the RM49.90 boots . Never buy cause the BIGGEST size was 36.
Spend like around SGD$50 for all the items listed !
Happy girl

Bought some kueh from this stall (outside Old town ) .
1 for RM1 , expensive in my opinion and not very nice.
Suggestion : Don't buy

Rest at the ktm station .

That's all !


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  1. yum looks good >u< and love the monkey bag hahaha cute cute


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