Friday, April 15, 2011

Review : Love More Diamond Super White Mask

Today I am going to review the Love More Diamond Super white Mask .
I always love the packaging of Love More masks.
可爱指数 95%

I'm not sure how much this is selling in the market.
The masks were sponsored, this is not a sponsored advertorial !!
You can get them in your nearest watsons !

It has this unique hexagonal bee hive design as you can see .
I believe it helps to break down then nutrients of the masks and allowing it to absorb better.

Firm effects :3/5
Whitening : 3/5

It works well for me .
I didnt had any itch or reddishness when I am using the mask .
Although it do not have the loop for the ears , I was still able to work in front of my computer when the mask on.
Of course it would slide a little , but it holds onto my face pretty well .


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