Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't end my F&N Fun .

Time , Y U NO move slower?
I am a little emo hippo now blogging about the end of our F&N SDD2 journey .
Disclaimer : Don't read if you think you cry easily.
It had been an fruitful 2 weeks with events lined up by F&N .

From the prelims to the finals ,
the 987FM party, to the Far East Movement concert.
All good things have its end.

Thank you F&N for making me busy and occupied , which made my semester holidays filled with more colors !
Oh , of course create the opportunity for me to participate.
& Thanks to everyone who supported us in the journey in a way or other .

Last tuesday , the ten bloggers met up for the last time together for F&N .
It was a funeral-like scene.

The ten bloggers.

Still a joyous occasion cause it is our prize presentation !

Special prizes goes to Calvin & Jiayi !

HTC Wildfire winners : Calvin , Luke , Benjamin , Darren , ME!

Darren and william gets to go to Osaka , Japan .
Hopefully they can go and come back safety.
On the next day , we appeared on the mypaper !
HEHEHEHE, I can still appear on newspaper yo .

(all) Photocredits : William


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  1. yeap... hope to see you again next year!


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