Monday, April 04, 2011

E Awards 2011

Thanks to Terrance ,
I had the chance to join Hong Peng , Priscilla and Benjamin to the E-awards this year !

I am very very happy because I get to see my newest love Anthony Neely and 小鬼 .

This year's E-awards is slightly different from last year as it has been moved indoors !
Last year was held at the floating stadium .
And they added on 开场秀 by MICappella and Celine Jessendra School of performing arts.

My favourite song cover by MICappella -志明與春嬌
My first time hearing them live and wishing to hear them live again !

view from my seat

最幸福的Derrick 粉丝。

Ella 当晚非常漂亮。

The clearest picture I had of my handsum Anthony Neely ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ

Lollipop F

Serene Koong, Tay kewei , Freshmen , and this Malaysian band ( kennot remember the name)


Okay ,
That's all .

小鬼 I wish you read my blog .
#wishtoomuch .

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