Sunday, March 06, 2011

Spread the groove with the 987 FM RSVP Party

It all happen because of F&N...
Thank you and F&N for the fun we had last saturday night.
ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ ワーイ

It is my first time going for a party like this!
The music was awesome !
So I'm going to use the Singapore teenager slang
"Like a cool only"

Together with the Singapore Dance Delight VOL2.
The finalists for both the dance teams and bloggers( us lah ) were invited for the party.
Jealous not ?
You have to call in to 987 FM to win tickets right..
I know right.

Look at the image projected on the walls of the second level .

Can you see the large LCD Screen ?
That's for the F&N XBOX Kinect Game .

Pretty girls were serving the F&N Sparkling Mixers.
F&N Sparkling drinks were on free flow for the first 2 hours.

Thanks F&N for making it possible.

Look at the colors , so pretty !

☆☆☆The star for the night : F&N Sparkling Drinks!☆☆☆

With Eunice !

And with @Benvoda

F&N Mixers for the night

@Benvoda & my guest for the night .
Benjamin and Mirai .

To get things started ,
Shan & Sarah who got the party started .
There were games for the night,
The first game being the F&N Great Shakeup Game.
I remember it was also played during the SDD 2 preliminaries @ scape .

What you have to do is to shake your iPhone/iPod touch .
For your information , the application is made available in the iTunes store .
I'm not sure if it is free but iPhone users you can check it out yourself right ?

Of course they increased the difficulty for that night.
The contestants are supposed to drink a glass of F&N Mixer while shaking.

First group : Jonathan & Anna !

Second Group!

In the third group , can you see a familiar face?
William tried the game too !
Sad to say , he didn't win .

Jonathan from the first group won a pair of tickets to watch Far East Movement @wavehouse sentosa.
*cue music♪ "like a g6 like a g6..." *

Next up we have.
Vernon & Bernard to take over Sarah & Shan !

Ahhuh !
After using compact size technology ,

We go for slightly bigger size gadget.
F&N Games on the XBOX 360 kinect !
That's when the temperature got up .

Anna who played the first game tried this game too !

The louder applause from the audience.

One of the F&N Girls turned out to be Benjamin's friend !
She's such a sweetie .

Everyone on the dance floor enjoying themselves with F&N !

& Benvoda

& Mirai

With Benvoda & Benjamin !

Michelle( the F&N Girl ) & Mirai

& William

& benvoda again !!
He is nao my blog bestie .
(*^o^)人(^o^*) 友情♪
Anyways I like this picture.

The bloggers who turned up !
V(○⌒∇⌒○) イエーイ
Left to right : Me, Benvoda,Darren , William , CalvinTimo

Spread the groove with F&N !
アリガト エヘ♪(*^・^)ノ ⌒☆(*^-^*) ポッ
Thanks F&N .


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