Friday, March 11, 2011

A day at the HTC Concept store

As you all know I am currently using HTC Wildfire ,
So I had a session to know more about the phone at the HTC Concept store.
Loated at the newly opened NEX mall.
You guys can check it out if you are interested in HTC Phones.

I tell you
I love HTC Sense !!!

Friendly staff asking me if I encounter any problems .

William's session was before mine,
& He waited for me !
Thanks .



& @curbsidekid
Both of them accompanied me !

Follow them on twitter !

Staff explaining what is HTC Sense to us.

We had brochures too !

This is what you call , fascinated.

Showing us the other cool features on the demo set.

We were given a HTC goodie bag as well !
Yay-ness for freebies.

Personal Review :
I felt that the phone was okay , but HTC sense is awesome.
HTC Wildfire made social networking made easier .

I particularly like the kill tasks application that is free in the andriod market.
If you have been complaining about how lagging your phone is ,
Download and use the app!
See the difference !

Shall end this post with this rocher chocolate William gave me.
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