Friday, March 11, 2011

Marche with the girls

Yes I know I very suaku !!!
This is my first time eating in Marche !
Meet up with the girls , Himeko & Mirai .
Initially we wanted to try out the Charlie Brown Cafe
But the menu and everything was Not Impressive :[
Well, I will still try it soon though.

& we decided to have our lunch/dinner over at Marche .
And this post is for all the suakus like me

I always thought that the food in Marche must be super duper pricey .
& guess what, I was wrong.

It actually depends on that you chose to eat.

Each of us are given the Guest Card which are used for billing.
Don't lost it, fine $100 hor.

The way it operates is like buffet .
Just that you have to pass the staff your guestcard upon ordering food!
Everything is self-service.

I like the environment and the way it is.
Fun and unique.
I hear so many good reviews on the crepes they serve.
I'm so going back to try the crepes.

Highly recommended by both the girls
Swiss Rosti with sour cream .

& Cream of mushroom , which I shared with Mirai.

Himeko !


& moooooooi.
I could only eat half my rosti and a quarter of the soup.
The rosti is superb, but too oily for my tummy .

After pleasing our little tummies.
We headed over to shop at Cineleisure and take purikura !
The pictures below are taken with Himeko's G12 .

I like this one cause I'm stuck in an apple !

Got praised that day for chio makeup hor !



  1. Mirai8:40 AM

    oh god! I haven't gotten my post out yet ;_;

  2. All look so pretty. :)


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