Sunday, March 06, 2011

Comifest in 11 pictures.

Indeed, I'm going to conclude comifest in 11 pictures.
I went to the comifest on the first day .
Sorry to say ,
I was some kind of disappointed with the event .

Crowded much but nothing much to see.
And also I heard that the cosplayers were not bounded in a certain area.

Matching ??

The comifest's poster

Mirai with it.

I like this picture!
Isn't it sweet ?
Kudos to whoever who drew it .

That's all.


  1. hmmmm a lot of irrelevant stuff... =.=
    lucky i didn't go hahaha

    thanksssss my apple~

  2. hugs. But I am too scared to go for that kind of stuff


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