Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Part 2


Started the day with a study session with clique-y
Didnt take picture with Sweetheart D though.

This is me and the irritating Lena .

Walking at Liang Seah Street .
We wanted to dine at ADW- A pasta affair.
But it was closed !
My bad.
Should have done more research before heading down.

No choice but to change our dinner option .
Pasta de Waraku ! @Iluma Bugis.
I didn't know they have one at some hidden corner .

Jocelyn & Koey
Just saying : I took alot of pictures of Koey !

Lena & I
Lena helped to snap quite some number of pictures you see in the post.

All of us are single,
But ermm, not really available;/
So we celebrate our singlehood and independence .
We are free from all the dramatic quarrels , unreasonable ,
& whatever-that-comes-bad-to-you from boyfriends.

Curry rice for Jocelyn & Meeeeeeeee.

All of us ordered the set meal except for Koey .
Its definetely more worth it .

Koey & the heart-shaped rice cracker I gave her

Playing with food.

Alrights ,
This marks the end of my vday part 2~

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