Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Part 3

After the dinner, we head to look for JinLing who was working
& couldnot join us .

Wee , my super cool hair accessory.
FYI . Its handmade !
Window-shopped at Bugis Street while waiting for Jinling to knockoff
& have desserts at Liangseah street !

Lena's Recommendation : Ah chew desserts.
Check out the interior.

Durian Feast , Angie's fist

Jocelyn having grassjelly with mango
While I'm having grassjelly with Longan.

Grassjelly with longan

Yam with sago

Grassjelly with mango

Just plan grassjelly.

While waiting for the food to come ,
we did this.

& By the time it was Jocelyn and my turn ,
The food was already here.
So we can has props to do better !

Lena got cut off in this picture !

Finish !


  1. wow...all the desserts so awesome hehe....
    they're look like Thai desert??? hehe...make me hungry again......><
    cute sweet girl group with sweet meal right? hehe^^

  2. Do they ? haha, talking about thai food i wanna have tomyam soup & mango salad now ! :]


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