Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Part 1

* drama mama content ahead

Hi all !
Valentine's day is great this year.
It is so good that I am going to seperate it into 3 parts !
(too good I cant bear to miss a single point of it to blog )

& nopes,
I don't have a valentine (as in, boyf ) to 'celebrate' the day .
In fact, I NEVER had one.
I remember vday is some kind of big day for us in Secondary School.
We buy/get flowers, write love letters, exchange little gifts from one another.
Miss those days.
No gifts no flowers .

MSN-ed with Karchun yesterday
& He asked me for Vday present.
So I draw this for him .
All I used to do this was : My mouse + Microsoft Powerpoint.

& In return , I got a "gift"
My first and only gift this valentine's day !
A flower drawn by him ( as claimed)

My flower gift is more eco friendly then yours.

Dont talk about going green with me if you recieved more than a stalk of flower wrapped with some paper.

This year .
I spend my V'day with dates : my bed, my lecture notes & my clique <3
All the things I love.
Okay , maybe lecture notes isn't .

I was supposed to study with clique
(part of the vday program we planned)
& to meet up @ 9.55am.
However , I wokeup around 9.50am .
Ohwell, my bed cuddles me around and do not want me to "leave" you see.
Quickly rushed down to the library to meet my other dates .
Hence the market outfit & hair.
(in next post)

Study and study
& also gossip.
We are slightly more bitchy.
But we have brains.

Nextup , valentine's dinner !

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