Monday, February 14, 2011

Paper doll study session

Nice a not ?
I did the drawings myself with my mouse.
My aunt bought me this baby pink dress,
Which I think that I make me look cho kawaii .
& I think that I look like a paperdoll .*ahem*

Actually, according to plan .
Himeko , Mirai and I are supposed to meet up for a Tea party session .
However , all because of semestral exams !
We had to cancel the whole session & postpone it to a later date.
& we changed it into a study session instead.
Sorry Himeko .

Study Location- library @esplanade

Did some shopping while waiting for Mirai !

Valentine's Day gifts inside.

Ice Blended Mocha
All because the lack of seats, we had to get our butts down in the cafe.
& obviously we had to buy some drinks .

Vday gift for Mirai !

Mirai and her rice cracker !
Yay-ness to singlehood !

Mirai got snapple !
Love snapple's real facts.

Stress ? Depressed ? Dying ?

/sigh ,
Pimple breakout

With Mirai .
She had makeup on ,
while I only had dust.

Settled dinner at astons !

Another snapple fact!

Yummy creamy mushroom soup.

Black Pepper Chicken .

Chargrill Chicken

Ending off with the-act-as-paperdoll-angie face !
Bye-bi !


  1. from muji? that cracker is soo cute!

    hahahaha. act what paperdoll la! >.<

    kelly's personal real fact :
    a blogger spend at least 4 months of HER life camwhoring. haha

  2. Aaaah. I only put eyeliner! :( OMG I look so chui. People surely think I go plastic FML. hahaha

    Kelly~ LOL!

  3. Kelly > yupps :D

    Mirai > I only put dust . which is worst ? HAHA


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