Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things to do after my semester exams

1. New blog layout !
Getting bored much of the template already .

2. Update my backstage page.
Its missing now because it is very very messy !
So many new friends' blog links to be included!

3. Pack my room .

4. Do a thrift shop post.
( Help me promote yea ?)

5. Call starhub & fujitsu service centre!!

6. Get a SUPER HIGH PAID JOB to fund for my samsung ex 1 .
It would be nice if anyone wanna gimme angbao and fund me.
I would want an iTouch too,
But a better quality camera interest me more.
/sigh ,
What a spendthrift.

7. Go to more interesting places in Singapore!
Food places and some interesting places that
Singpaorean teens might not be interested in .

8. Spend some time to catch up with some old friends.

9. Go to library & borrow some books.
I needa figure out how to borrow books though.

10. Learn a new skill.
Photography is something I wanna learn ,
But my current camera...
Wanna go some photoshoots as well.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha i want to work too!!

    neeed munee for japan~!

    go ask yuezhi they all la.

    i think you are very photogenic! <3


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