Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I had a bad dream.

Burrrrrrrrrrr :worry:
I had a bad dream.
Its been ages since I ever got a bad dream
(ever since I got a dream catcher )

I used to have a lot of nightmares
Like at least twice in a night.
Then one fine day few years ago,
I read an article about dream catchers.
Which is somehow a legend from the africa side,
Cant really remember thou.
But anyway ,
Its supposed to 'chase' away nightmares
& make my dreams/wishes come true.

Which IT DID.
My nightmares left me.

But recently.
2 nightmares haunted me
one was last night
& the other one happened a week ago .
I think I need to change the fengshui position for my dream catcher....:worries:

What happened for the first nightmare was that .
Someone somehow quite close to me ,
Like those I metup with to talk and stuff.
He (idk why ) pushed me down a building in a remote place.
Not in singapore.
Looks like Hongkong to me,
He was dam determined to kill me .
& surprisingly I didnt die .
Then idk how ,
I was crying and I ask him why he want to kill me
& he was quite sad cause he "kill" me.
& turned emo -.-

then i force myself to wakeup.
cause the dam dream is causing me to have an emotional breakdown .

Then the one last night was MY 18th BIRTHDAY.
A party at my house.
Quite a number of close friends.
Jocelyn ,diyan , lena , jinling , koey ,
fenny ,clement& his new girlf , percussion ,
and all close friends.

I remebered like we all dont like c's new gf
Cause she like dam quiet and dont let clement play with us.
I dont know why is she here
& super commoner face ,
& No one esp C knows her.
I think i invited her
Anyways thats not the point .
The point is i wasn't enjoying myself
because of some idk what reasons .
I think was cause I hated birthdays
& felt like a loser or something
& my mum whack me.
I finally voiced out my opinions
& she whack me like siao .
I gone berserk.
Keep screaming.
Then I got breathe less & lost consciousness
The next thing I know
I'm in the hospital
& my hands are tied to the bed.

Then I force myself to wakeup too.
I dontknow what all this are meaning ,
But I think they are scary.
& scaring me much .
Maybe I should consult a dream interpreter.
I hope my friend wouldnt kill me
& I hope the party thing will not come true.
Please share if you had any remedy to "chase" evil dreams away .

Well ,
on a happier note ,

1 comment:

  1. Aiyo. I think you watch too much drama! =)

    and sometimes you dream of the things you think of the most... so don't think too much!


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