Friday, January 07, 2011

Last day , Last meal , last hour.

I think my tittle sounds a bit poorthing .
Like as if I'm dying or something

I really have to say its a tough year for me
& also somehow the year seems unfinished.
Perhaps I'm still not ready for 2011!

This is how I spend my last day in 2010 .
I had to return to school for project .
Aiyo so poor thing !
I think alot of poly students also did the same things.

Collect my pay so that I have money for dinner.

Settled dinner at wangjiao hk cafe.

My apple something ice blend.
I quite like it.

Milk tea.

Joce's honeylemon

Leemei's peachy drink.
Tasted like some candy.

Me & jocelyn 's!
This is my fave in the shop .
Its chicken honey sauce I think .
I think the code is 222.


Leemei & claudia's pasta.

Sorry over exposure.

After the meal
Headed to my self-claim play ground.
To meet Diyan & Erika & Lena.
I teared when I saw erika .

Free coke.
But i threw it away after one mouth .
It tasted like shit.

Toured the museum
First visit yo !

With the performer

After the visit.
We sat along Singapore River
& play my boliao game

Last 50 mins .
Me diyan & erika headed back to the asian civilation museum area
We were utterly disappointed with the event itself.
totally dull and not much happenings.

Maybe its the positioning of the stage



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