Monday, December 27, 2010

I dont quite understand why do I have to report everyone about my life.
Your care is reluctant
People like to care about things like this ,

What is your problem?
What you doing ?
Where are you ?
Why do you want to do this do that ?
Why never come to work ?
Why you so dao ?
Why do you look like a bitch ?
Why you close to certain people ?
Why you never come ?

Whats wrong with you people?
This is not being much caring.
Its being much irritating
& when my answers doesnot fulfil what you want.
You will tell me
" Aw excuses la you "
我喜欢做什么, 就做什么。
你是谁啊 , 管屁啦。

Then WHERE are you people when I needed advices
Questions to motivate me.

In hell lor.


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