Monday, December 27, 2010

Best christmas present !

Omg .
This is totally my best christmas present !
*fan girl mood*
Thanks @taykewei .
Very nice of her to autograph the albums we bought
& take pictures with her!

I totally fell in love with her voice
When I heard her for the first time
During philwinds' goes pop concert last year.
(missed the one this year :{ )
Really very happy to catch her live on boxing day !
She sang 2 songs from her album ,
& 1 cover.
Live band + Nice singing techniques and voice = mad awesome lor !

The band had euph solo on
You raise me up
+ a lot of pieces have very nice saxophone overtones (!!!)

& in case you stay in a drain
& dk who is she.
She's a very talented singer + songwriter.
Please google her .
I'm sure you can find alot of videos about her.


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