Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Hello everybody !

Jiang jiang ~
See what's here for me in a lovely friday afternoon .

Liese products!
Friends of mine should know
Imma great fan of liese lor ,

I also believe that it 'save' my hair
from getting bad to worst.
& make my hair smell nais-er.

Btw, FYI .
Its pro-naos as "LEE-ZAY "

With Liese ,
Styling is made easier !

Liese Juicy Shower !

Moisturising Hair Mist that is light weight, water based with sweet raspberry scent.
Can act as a styling base and quench hair dryness.

Rememeber cannot touch scalp ar !

So today I'm gonna show you you and you .
On styling with liese Waveup foam 01 ,
hairband & some bobby pins.

With Fringe.

& without.
My fringe's in a disasterous length ,
So pardon my ugly bare face.

This side also must apply the foam !
Before you tie .

And no doubts .
Because the foam is actually strong enough to hold the hair firmly.
Just do the backcomb properly.

Hold them together !
Like tie-ing a half pony tail .
But dont "damage" the backcomb .
Its supposed to give more volume.

Twist the 'ponytail' by a bit
& use a pin or two to secure it.
If you have those pins that is like telephone cords.
One would be enough !

The back of the hairstyle .

I changed the hairband
Cause I think this one cuter!

Liese's 全家福。
For more info :
Facebook here
The products can be found at Watsons, Guardian, Major supermarkets and hypermarkets

Thanks for reading !
Hope the tutorial is useful.

Angie Applepie


  1. Anonymous11:57 PM

    what type of hairstyle is this seh??? so complicated only.... :(

  2. Angie! You finally did the post~ =D I'm going to go home and try this, it looks good for weekends~ :3

  3. Anonymous : Are you serious ? Which part you dont understand ? I can ezxplain t you :]

    Mirai : Thanks girl ! Blog about it after you done it ! :]


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