Thursday, November 18, 2010

Easy A

A for Angie
A for Applepie
A for Awesome
A for Adorable.
A great thanks to for the movie invite once again ~
This time we watched Easy A.

Its totally feel good to enjoy a comedy with jocelyn
On a Lovely tuesday evening !

Watched the trailer ?

A comedy about a good girl & a small favour of an imaginary fling that turned into a BIG , scandalous rumour. There are 2 sides to every story .

I rate it : 3/5
I feel that the story line was good.
Thou it was a little draggy at the back .
The whole movie evolves around this good girl , olive something.
& was talking about her side of the story .
She did a webcam online channel to tell everyone the truth .
Eg. how she help others & then become a slut .

If you think you need a good laugh.
You should watch this movie !

Thats all folks !


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