Monday, November 22, 2010

Another rant.

I am typing this on my bibi while going home this random monday morning when my sudden brain memory appeared a 'scene' of something I was some kinda pissed off.
Yes I'm always pissed off.

I dislike people who renovate their flats.
Got color got furniture can alr what
Why needa waste so much money on all the drilling of walls and hammering
And time and effort?
I know it create job opportunities but not for locals leis
Minus point
Insert sad face
I dislike it
I have my reasons k
1) It disrupts people like me who are always sick and need to rest in the afternoon.
2) It scares babies
3) Noise + air pollution
4) Very irritating make people feel very pressurised

I wasn't like so pissed before
Until one monday (also)
I had food poisoning after eating
A green tea swissroll from breaktalk (!!)
I swear I'm not eating swissroll for the year .
I reached home around 1 like that
And I couldn't rest at all
Due to the drilling and banging.
The first time I got angry for the noise produced by neighbours' renovation .

And let me tell you this .
Almost on all days I head home before the sunset.
The drilling is on.
So obviously I feel like stressedup and
Hence this post.

The second time I got angry
And veryvery angry is when
One wednesday morning .
When I was going to school.
Wednesday me school start at 8.
So 7plus I will leave house .
And guess what.
There was drilling and banging !
I thought renovating can only start at like 8?
And its still considered very early alr .
Start work at 7 .
Need so hardworking not?!
I know of some people .
They sleep at 7 am one.
Die .
They no need rest alr.
That's not the point
the main point is .
Babyvic was at my house .
And she was crying very hard early in the morning
Cause she was veryvery frightened
And the noise was veryvery loud.
Can you imagine how bad it is?
For a 2yr old to cover her ears
Hide inside her ikea quilt and cry
At 7am in the morning?
Poor girl

Seriously .
Should stop renovating

K I reach my house alr
Thanks for reading

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