Monday, November 15, 2010


Ha loh !
I went AFA with Yui on the saturday .
& its mad packed !
I am not Angie .
I am Ringo !
*insert effing act cute face*

Actually its my first cosplay event I attended.
First time wearing lolita
(like a dream come true after 1528390 years)
Like the first time , apart from work .

I think Singaporeans should be more opened
About cosplay & LOLITA .
Esp lolita .

Okay .
Let's start the adventure.

#1.Tickets !

#2 .Walking towards Hall 401

#3. Photographers taking pictures of cosplayers
& blocked the way
So I decided to just snap
Since I'm also stucked.

#4. I guess its the place where they sell the tickets bahs .

Mad crowded .

#6.kawaii nendoriods !

#7. Do you know his name ?
Cause I cannot remember the spelling.

People drawing anime related stuff.
& its very nice
Actually there's others drawing as well.
But my length angle...

#9.& yui
too excited alr
So faster snap !

#10.More nendoroids


#12. Dollfies.
In kawaii costumes
Miss bunny & Miku !

#14. Camwhore.

#15. Animax .
Make me miss Alodia .
* fangirl mood*
She wasnt here on saturday .
-insert sad face.

#16. Animax K-ON girls!

#17. Took pictures with them !
Cause Amber is cosplaying as Ricc-chan !


#19. Super big domokun !
It was around my length !
Dont believe see next picture.

#20. With domokun!
Aiya , paiseh
I was looking at other cameras.
Apparently , we approach this lady to take a picture for us .
Then we pose ,
& vvoooor all the passer bys camera out and take pictures of us.
So i neglected my cammy.
Mama's Sorry .

#21. My sibei act cute squirrel face picture.
I think I grew fatter.

#22. Dear.

#23. That little boy was very into getting our attention .
So we took picture without his mama's permission .
Can see not?
He's looking into the camera kkkkk.

#24. With Yui's dummy bag .

#25. took picture with this girl
& she put her Dslr on the floor when we took this picture
I was worrying for her cammy !

#26. I was trying to imitate that creature.

#27. Gachaponnnnnnn
With all the kitty oneeeeee.


#29. crazy girl trying to do stun .

#30. Idk what is this .
I suppose its some arcade game featuring vocaloid.

#31. Azu-nyan !

#32. Mugi-chan's nendroid.
Xmas is coming .
& I would appreciate this.
-Insert into wishlist

#33.Took photos with DANNYCHOO !!!!!
Must be because I served all my goshujinsama & ojousama well
During my mei-do days.

#34. Met Ajiki-san ,
If I remember his name correctly .

#35. Bought a bearbrick home .
Isit this baby pretty ?
* throw flower petals all over and spin *

#36. With yongsoon sonny & yui .
Slacking .....

#37. A bit unglam
& fail shoot.

#38. The chop for re-entry .
We thought couldnt re-entry
& keep yourselves in there
& nearer died of thrist.

To be honest ,
I find it rather boring
cause there's nothing much for me to see.
The cafes have super long queue
Which is a minus point .
The atmosphere was some kind of dead I think.

Nothing much to buy also .

#39. Wore this weird outfit home
Cause I didnt dare to wear my lolita home .

#40. Bought GongCha +寒天

Headed home with Sonny
This marks my journey to AFA X 2010 .

p/s : if you happen to take pictures of me at afa x .
Do mail me the pictures at
p/p/s : Thanks !


  1. #7: That's Keroro AKA Sgt. Frog, AKA Gundam Freak.
    Luckily I never go, heard it was quite disappointing compared to previous years. And also nothing much exclusive to buy....

  2. Ya true lahs :] hahah. Anisong concerts lor . The cafes queue dam long ! + I heard that the food quite exp. So I didnt q . Somemore alot of things sold out .(stores)


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