Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Retarded News happening.

I'm like very ranty today.

Currentmood is my always pissedoff mood.

Downtown East security up

Police increase patrols at popular retreat after murder of teenager

By Mavis Toh & Teh Joo Lin

Police have stepped up patrols at Downtown East following the fatal hacking of student Darren Ng, 19. Members of Parliament for the area raised security concerns after receiving feedback from parents worried about the safety of their children. -- ST PHOTO: MUGILAN RAJASEGERAN

POLICE have increased their presence at Downtown East and the surrounding neighbourhood, following the fatal hacking of a 19-year-old polytechnic student there 10 days ago.

Police spokesman Lau Kian Keong said in response to queries yesterday that the police 'have been conducting regular patrols in the area and have stepped up patrols following the incident'.

The area's Members of Parliament are also concerned. Dr Ahmad Magad, an MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, said he and fellow MP Teo Chee Hean, who is Deputy Prime Minister, have asked the police to intensify patrols and to be particularly on the lookout for people behaving in a suspicious manner. They have also raised the issue of beefing up security with Downtown East's management.

When contacted, the management said it was working closely with the authorities on security measures. It has also stepped up its security presence to deal with the bigger crowds that are expected during the year-end school holidays and festivities.

On Oct 30, student Darren Ng, 19, and three friends were chased by chopper-wielding men in front of passers-by. Darren was hacked to death, while his friends escaped with minor injuries. Four men have been charged with his murder.

Dr Magad pointed out that the incident was an isolated one, and that the neighbourhood was peaceful. He said: 'The murder is clearly shocking to everyone and has shaken the local community a bit.'

Source: The Straits Times


Actually right,

This is part of my school assessment la ,

But cause I was some kind of pissed off .

I decided to blog more about it .

After reading the article, I start to doubt if Singapore is a safe place for teenagers to be. A simple misunderstanding might get one to lose their life. The death of Darren Ng makes me wonder, will I get into trouble if I were to look into the space blankly?

To be honest, I think that the increased in police presence in Downtown east and the surrounding environment is only useful to a certain extent.

I felt that the gangsters will not be so foolish to create scenes at the same place anymore . They will know that they will get into trouble if they do so. They will not be hanging around the area as well. Being paranoid, residents of that area or even citizens would try to not visit that area too.

I would suggest that the police forces could increase patrols over the void decks under blocks all around Singapore not just the affected Downtown east and the surrounding neighbourhood. The efficiently and level of security of places near secondary schools and entertainment centres such as arcade , KTV and “Lan shop” should be greatly increased. This is not only to prevent secondary school students to be lure into joining the gangs, it can also prevent the same incident from happening.

The following was what I wrote for my assessment ,
& obviously I cannt write too aggressively
& that it adds on to my GPA.
Cannot anyhow playplay.

So the only place I can really voice out my say is my blog .

I really think its some kind of stupid to just increase the security of those places only,
Like which idoit would be so dumb to go over to those places and make a scene right ?

what about places like ang mo kio?
I worry for my safety in amk leis .
Whatif people not happy with my voice
Then they stab me by the back ?

If I say I'm not scared or whatevery to the incident that happened ,
including the bukit panjang slashing ,
which is utterly dumb
I'm lying .

Incidents like this totally make people like me.

We always thought that Singapore is a fine and rather safe country .
& can always ask friends from foreign country to come over and have fun .

I know tourist attractions are not affecting ,
But then .
What if my friends come over and home stay
& just nice such things happen ?

Out of no where slash people.
Why Singapore got so boliao people one .
Very scary leis .

Maybe like ,
I was 100m away from home
& I saw some chasing
& I reach home
That person was killed.
I will be like so traumatised lor

& I also watched razor tv.
They are stupid .
I watched the Darren one
as well as the slashing one .
Make me like WTF at them.

Personally i think they never show respect to darren's family members.
I'm on the friends side :D
People alr say give them some peace alr still keep flimming .
& somemore , the video was crap .
Why did they even bother to post up the net.
Just make your razortv embarrassed .
Actually why razortv go flim his funeral ar?
Disrepectful bunch of people.

Then the slashing ones.
the first few contain some info.
So it was okay .
Then got this video where they interview the residents.

Reporter: Do you feel safe?

What a question ,
Like ,
Ya i feel very safe cause my neighbourhood just had some slashing incident justnow.

& they should just mosaic the faces of the interviewees/residents.
Do they even know they just put their lifes on some risks?

I feel so much better ranting all this nonsense out.

okay, i think i'm also very boliao .
but the news some kind of make me very irritated.
I care for singapore .
*touch heart & gasps*

p/s : the following is MYSAY
p/p/s : you have no rights you have no say , & you yearn to be free one day , whahahahaah .

Bye-bi !
Thanks for wasting ( the amount of time you use to read this ) for reading my boliao post.

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