Saturday, June 05, 2010

Work. @ akibanana cafe and bar.

High low~
I bet you miss me like siao.

Lets start with sunday okay ?
Recently no one chat with me in msn ,
Thus the lag of updates,
My room got sleeping disease you see,
& I'm shopping online like till 4 plus you see,

Lets start from Sunday alrights?
Okay /

My hair didnt melt leis.
Basically , Sunday was back to do deco only .
Worked with Miki, Yui, Yume

In between work ,
We keep eating...
Lunch ,
& Tea Break,
Costume Auntie bought portenese egg tarts for us .
Had it with tea.
Stella jiejie cooked jap curry , baked rice and pasta
Its nice okay .
I think its on the Xmas menu .

Our Christmas tree,
I know you wanna ask ,
Q :"why got banana"
A : Cause we are akiBANANA.
Headed home with Miki aftermath/.
Bought Koi cafeeeee ,
&&& homed

Monday .
Worked with Miyo & Koey .
Miyo , the cheki pro .
She's pro , seriously .
Took alot of pictures,
Cause no people what .

& took my 五连拍。
Faster come and win them home.

Tuesday .
Worked with Miyo ,
Miki sick .
Didnt take much pictures
Jane's boyf come over to have dinner with her,
So dam mushy .


& Valen's rum rum fruit cake!

That's all !
/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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