Saturday, June 05, 2010

Lunch , Band .

Obviously its me againnnnnnnnnn ,
Back to band today .
It seems like everyone's not feeling well.
Anyway ,
the display formation is quite nice ,
*Prays that blur sec1s will fall into our trap .
Juniors are mad cute ,
Love them !
I wanted to head back at 9
& i ended reaching there at 10 plus
Cause I'm hooked to FarmVille.
Emman came back ,
& headed off to meet Valen & Terrance for lunch at J8.
Mos Burger.
& Jiapei saw me .
Totally shocked me though!
hahas .
& valen passed me the fruitcake with rum ,
From Cakes.C !
Tell you all everything when I try the cake .
Back to school
& band .
Juniors all look damm sick >.<

& bused home with DuckHo .
I saw Aunt & ayden outside my house lift,
But couldnt stop in time
Ayden happily playing music ,
I shall teach him electone & percussion when he's a little older.
Since he like my electone so much .
He from foetus alr listen to his chiobu jiejie's electone playing whatttttttttt.
I can confirm his rhythmic sense is so much better then Zoe.
While Aunt taught me how to play FarmVille.
Eat eat eat,
& forgot to eat the cake
I shall explore how to open the cake tml ,
& there's work tml .
So , Byebye!
/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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