Saturday, June 05, 2010

ST Day out

Yesterday I went out withh....
Luah Jin Kai!
My dear ST

Okay ,
So supposed to meet at 2,
But ended up 230 ++
& Reached Bugis at 330
Dined at the Jap. restuarant @iluma.
All because I wanted to play with the interactive pen .
The nice smiling waitress served us .
But I could hardly understand what she was talking.
So we walked in ,
& blah.
Me : we dont have the interactive pen , how to order.
Waitress: Sorry , but we are not using the interactive pen from 3-6
TMD, cheat my feelings.
But, it looks something like this ,
Just in case you dont know .

Looks dam fun one lor .
But no chance to play

Totally love ST's studs

The glass was quite unique ,
Cause its actually oral bottom ,
& circular at the top.

Nice, my favourite.

My Miso Ramen .
The soup taste like peanut soup .
I like.
We were like eating in front of the shifu ,
& zzzzzzzzz.

St's food.
He says that its nice, but too much alr .

Walked around.
Bought 2 kiddy clips from bugis ,
Cause my hair desperately needed to be pinned up.
& earstuds .
Bugis junction , walked.
& Guess what we saw?
Some china people filming .
Walk here walked there also need to retake Idk how many times .
& Auntie Lucy!
She's the best .
She took less than ten mins to finish her part.

& headed home aftermath .

Totally regret wearing that blue jacket.
Should have wore a cardi instead.

Jocelyn is supposed to come to my house now ,
Cause we going to meet Waihtoo and Zongying later for lunch.

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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