Saturday, June 05, 2010

I love Singapore

11September 2009
Okay .
Day out with WaiHtoo ZongYing , & jocelyn last friday .
We like got idk how long never meet up alr .
Since sec2 , after Metier.
Close friends should know why lahs.
No offence, but she missed out all the fun .
Totally thanks Waihtoo for the treat ,
Burnese food .
Quite nice actually .
I'm SO TOTALLY like interested in his country's culture ,
Like dam cool lors.

Singapore Tour aftermath.
Walked ,
And all because ...

We started our funnnnnnnnn!
Let the pictures talk .

Get it ?

Thank goodness , we cleared our hearts out .
Arigato for the great day .

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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