Saturday, June 05, 2010


If you know ,
I am really really really mad dam stressup with everything in my life nao ,
But everything's fine now .
Thanks to everyone's encouragment,
Friends and Family ,
& Jocelyn's classmates ,
They are really nice people.!
ありがとうございます !

Thursday ,
I met Jeunuese
& head to school together,
&&&&& I met yuting in the lift,
So trained to meet Jeunuese together with her,
& I made a new friend ,
Got cutesy hammies somemore .

I practically hangout with them till late night on Friday ,
It was awesome .

This is taken like 11pm ?!
Totally tired max from school .

Work was fun ,
Had this pancake compeitition
& took 2videos

Dinner that day!

Konimi's cupcake earpiece & my berrycuteberry.

This ayaka make me sooooo addicted to this song now!

& I took a video of her doing some random moves.
Very short one !

And I pon school todday .
Muhaahhahaha !

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