Saturday, June 05, 2010


& I'm here for IMPRINTS!
Thanks OMY for the inviting for IMPRINTS!
Okay ,
Rush here rush there
And Rush to RedDot Museum on this lovely rushly Thursday !
With my sweetheart.

I'm heard of this RedDot museum for quite some time,
And cabbed past it before I guess.
Didnt have chance to explore the place.
The whole building is in RED>
I think they should do pokka dot on it ,
Different shade of Red.
Dont you think so ?
RED DOT Museum whattttttttt!
Okay .
Back to the point .
Several artpieces painted on the walls.


Okay ,
This is the despriction
Memories of innocent laughter or silly fears of monsters under the bed. Of feelings left unexplored and having your heart exposed to vulnerability – capture your memories in a time capsule with eight young contemporary artists at upcoming exhibition, Imprints, housed within the red dot design museum from 6 to 11 May 2010.

Weave your own story with the artists as they spin their yarn of childhood memories, forgotten places, human relationships and salvage fragments of their past. With a range of artworks comprising performance art, site-specific installations, oil paintings, ceramic works and more, Imprints creates an intimate dialogue as the artists’ works interact with this iconic yet historically profound building.

Imprints is brought to you by the National Heritage Board’s social media portal,, and the Singapore Contemporary Young Artists society.

Some light artwork outside the musuem ,

You know we have this secret obessions with toilets.
What turf.

Very unique design .

Look at the people.
I totally like this picture,
I think I'm artistic.


I really like this artwork
As you can see,
Its actually our NS man ,
& shooting some rubber thingy !
Cho kawaii .

HONGPENG aka hpility .
He also rushed from NYP !

And this is Kelvin Atmadibrata.

His performance was not bad ,
I dont really understand what he was actually doing ,
But the kids behind me was hilarious !
They thought he was doing some magic or something .

Saw this cute thing done by people who attended.

After Kelvin's performance ,
Me & sweetheart left.
Too tired to continue !
But the camwhore continues.

That's all folks !
By the way .
I think the gallery is open till the 11 !

Bye-Bi !

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