Saturday, June 05, 2010

The lovely bones

Before I go into the main point.
Watch the trailer first.

The lovely bones is actually a novel .
By , Alice Sebold.

谢谢你 , OMY!

Before the movie .
Head off to meet Benjamin He for dinner at
Pasta de Waruku. at  Heeren.

Then after the dinner head off t meet Koey for the movie .
The plot is good .
&we sorta like use our jacket t cover those disturbing scenes.
You all know how rare I watch movies.
& free tickets I sure go one .
This movie I dont mind paying for it ,
RATE :4.5/5
Seriously  all of you should watch it .

The murderer is some old man ,
Effing talented ,
A great builder I guess.
He could like ,
Design traps and build them himself
To kill people.
& apparently ,
He not only murdered Susie,
There were quite a number of girls as well.
Count and let me know .
The lovely bones.

You guys totally should watch this !
Okay ,
That;s all .
Sorry , I didnt take any picture !

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