Saturday, June 05, 2010

e 乐大赏 2010

Thank you omy for letting me have this chance to go for SEA 2010 !

Seated quite far
So , only can see the stars very small .
Can someone invent stages that can make the stars bigger so that we can see,
Or ,
the Alice in wonderland that little piece of cake that can make ppl grow big .
Fans , dont you agree?!
The concert was awesome.
JJ did a 大合唱 with his fans,
Awww, so sweet.
梁文音's fans let go of balloons !
then ermmm,
SHINee performance was a blast.
Replay , jojo , ringdingdong.
Eason !
& more.
BY2, dance was awesome.

Below will be picture spam.
Pardon my lousy cam.

Sorry , @Andystorm's friend.

Where got people go concert alone one.
I bought my mummy along with me.
Since she like 陈豪 so much .
& my 赵又廷 as well.
& to my surprise ,
She effing know what is FACEBOOK.

JJ playing piano .
He dedicated a song to Jack Neo and His wife. as well.

Tribute to Eason .

Minister and Eason sing together.
Whats the percentage of Singapore Minister singing on a public event !

Ohwell .
Headed home after the concert.
& took a nightrider .
I didnt know there were such thing ,
& somemore stopped at my busstop !

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