Saturday, June 05, 2010

Genting Day 1.

Hi all 40 readers of my little blog.
i'm so greatful that you all did bother to read my blog .
Anyways .
I just came back from Genting days ago .
& I'm going to blog about it !

I wokeup quite early.
Cabbed down to bernard's house,
Then to weijian's house
& to the bus place.
Opposite Singapore Casket.
& yes ,
Its normal.
I'm not popular among girls.

We had to pay like $154.50 for the bus ride.
Cause I booked the first class one.
The ride was awesome.
Tell you why .
1. We were given a office to rest.
2. We have hot drinks (free flow) all the way.
3. Nice service provided by the staff.
Like really good .
4. Like on airplane.
5. Delicious Nyonya Fish set meal .
6. Can watch movies and concerts on the small TV!
Okay la,
Thats because the taste suits me .
its really appetizing ,
I bet you all like it as well.

Charcoal accompanied me for the journey you see.
Sweet right ?

This is Weijian ,
Who bought us Rochor 豆花。
But drop it while locking the door.
Me& bernard was sooooo looking forward to it ,
& didnt had breakfast
*stabs heart*
Make us excited for nothing .

This is Bernard.

Charcoal gets first class seat.
Charcoal ACC me for the whole trip
Cause I got no girlf , no boyf , no marshmallow.
Marshmallow's too big to stuff into my bag.

See the spaciousness ?
16 seater
& not all full .
& the best part was that ,
No babies!
Which means no baby cries.
As much as I love babies .
Its quite very irritating to hear babies cry
Am I right to say so?

This is Sleepyhead me .

Due to the awesome service in the bus ,
I watched Accuracy of Death ,
Ayumi's concert, & Mayday's concert.
& still got people serve me tea.

Look nice ?
Its not spicy at all , & make me crave for more.

This is weijian again .
Playing some games.
At first I thought he bought his own game controller sia !
But then he told me where to get it .(笑)


Finally at around ermm 2 ?
We touch down Genting Highlands!

Group picture!
Then erm,
Head off to First world Hotel to look for my uncle.
Mad love!
Due to the longgggggggggggggggggggggggg queue .
We head off to play a bit of aracde.
& I played the percussion game .
Totally cheat my feelings !
I played it so well
Then no tickets for me .

But guess what I saw ?

Favourite !

My auntie called me
& head back to hotel lobby for check in .

Gay boys posting for pictures
After we check-in hotel.
&Walked around ,
Get familar
& explored!
So we walked and walked and walked.

We had Dinner at Mary Brown !

Machiam mummy good boys posting for pictures
Then can eat.
Have right ,
Got the feel right!

8 piece chicken....

Hunger strike
Chiong to eat alr !
Continue to walk around the place .

Took while waiting for weijian to come back with green tea.
Expensive ar, RM 6.50 for one bottle of greentea.
Immediately texted ST to get one 1.5 L of greentea up .

You know what is this?
Its actually one Kbox,
In a Box.
Have to pay like one song RM 2 .
Which I think its freaking expensive.
Bought tickets for SNOWWORLD>
Initially ,
We wanted to try the sky venture as well .
But it seems tough ,
Slightly dangerous .
& not very worth the money .
Its cool .
But its like anytime can break your bones or something .
So , SNOWWORLD only/

Had to lock everything up .
Including my phoney & cammy .
So no pictures inside ,
& us in the winter jacket and stuff.

I like this picture alot .
Nice staff from Snow world took for us ./shy

Inside snow world its freaking cold .
Seriously .
My leggings didnt help at all .
Its so thin la , hello !
Not wearing boots also .
They only gimme winter jacket & gloves.
But its super fun .
I swear the next time I go ,
I will bring all my barangbarang there,
To express my love for Winter!

* Must try !

My wet shoes

Because of the winter jackets and all .
We were smelly and stuff .
I bought a pair of slippers .
Cause confirm if I continue to wear my wet shoes ,
It will smell ,
Dam bad .
& tada !
My weird dress code.
Head off to meet the guys .
To go the clearance sales.
I think I was dam Attention seeker.
I wear like that ,
then wear my hoodie on .
Black frame specs,
with My radley wallet & BB .

Bought a disney tee for Wendy .
Thank goodness she can wear.
I bought slightly bigger for her ,
So she can wear longer
See, got this sister not bad right !

After shopping .
Hungry alr !
Soooooo ,
Pizza hut for supper !
We keep eating lor, serious !
But to our disappointment.
& I think the staff SHOULD know what is cultery.
I mean like its Genting Highlands .
Not some ulu kampong in Malaysia.
So bernard had to show forks spoons
& the person we served us didnt had a good attitude.
Didnt even smile at all !
Da-bao back to the hotel and eat.

The crispiest part wasnt crispy at all .

That marks the end of day 1.
Cause I was so tired,
I head back to my room to sleep /

p/s : after reading my I realised that its ages I have been blogging like I used to be .
p/p/s : comments greatly appreciated!
p/p/p/s : I forgot to eat my dinner !ge

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