Saturday, June 05, 2010


Looking for chrismas cakes?!
Healthy and good :D
They sell delicious log cakes at very cheap price.

LATEST : In the spirit of Christmas, Cakes - © is currently slashing it's prices by 20 % for all of it's products !

20%! Which makes it even cheaper!
Although there are only a limited designs and flavours.
Confirm can make you enjoy one.
You tell me ,
Which cake shop in singapore , malaysia , batam whatevery place
Sell cakes that is with...
With no preservatives, essence and flavourings
Hardly can find lor!
People nowadays are sooooooooooooooo health consious.
So I totally recommend Cakes - ©
Durian logcake with sampah durian.
Chocolate logcake with couverture chocolate, 56% cocoa, which is known to be beneficial to the heart.
& more la.
You gonna check them out yourself!
The cakes are freshly baked.
& baked upon your order.

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