Saturday, June 05, 2010

Grad Night. Not Prom

I know my post is like dam late alr.
But aku very very busy you know,
This post is purely about the happenings about the event itself.
The girls were at my house & we cabbed down together.
My bloody cammy dies on me for this day .
Gonna send it for service on Tuesday
Totally spoils my mood lor.

Basically that night,
No one bothers to care about the class theme ,
& there wasnt any award for the best dress class theme or whatevery is it.
The first 2 hours was like putting us to sleep .
Speech speech speech.
Mrs Menon's speech is the shortest though.

I gonna miss the school food, teachers & my classroom tables and chairs.
I know you wondering why I didnt say about band room ,
Cause I got alumni practice what ,
Next year will go back & practice :]

On the other hand,
I'm so glad that I'm finally leaving the school !
I hope the school would put toilet paper in every girls toilet.
Like seriously,
& the security people can talk less
& stop telling other parents how bad chongboon students are.
Aiya , I know you all only wanna see photos only laaaaaaaa!
Picture with Mr Mike.

Class Photo.
Bnard the birdy was MIA.

Photo credit: Jolene.

photo credit : Lena
The food was rather okay,
Not to the extent that super nice, but not very disgusted as well.
But I too shy to go& take second serving laaaaaaahs!

The games were retarded.
But our class won!
The MCs were lagggggggggggggggggggggg.
Like seriously.

Poojitha won the best dress!

Well well well.
I have to say ,
Bad blood drys up & fade away .
Get it?
Let bygones be bygones,
( you see the pictures you know alr)

I didnt plan to cry that night.
In fact , i was acting very effing steady & like a rocker.
But the hugs really made my nose so touched untill it kills my makeup.
Its gonna be sad to see those people we spend time with ,
The one we like, dont like , badmouth , gossiped.
& precious cute little juniors!
Actually I hugged alot of people that night.
Pictures that I've taken with....
Photo credit : Darren ,ShuetNie, Jamie, Me,Jocelyn ,

Actually I did take alot of pictures with other people.
Dont feel dishearted okay.
I really have no time to edit photos alr ,
& some pictures I have not recieved
if you took pictures with me , send me okay?
put in facebook or something.
& I didnt take photos with many classmates.
Ps. I really wanna take photos with you all too.
But just too busy with others also.

Just to end this post.
Gossip Girl Effect , have?

Okay, maybe not.
But still , i love everyone !

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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