Saturday, June 05, 2010

Job Interview Part 2

Moshi Moshi.
As you see,
Job interview part 2.
The first one was unsuccessful
So I headed for the second one ,
Gladly I'm choosen!
Wait till everything is confirmed alr than I tell you all where I work okay?
Thats why I'm super busy!
Got training , photoshoot & more!
Then you all must come & take photos with me (笑)
My job is to wear cute uniform & act cute!
No laaaaaaaaaa!
My job is cosplay waitress.
I'll will be working at a Maid Cafe.
Its like my dream job lorrrrrrr.
Will update more about it soon .

headed alone down to the train >
Another pair .
Like wthhhhhhhhhh,
2 pairs of pumps gone .
My appt with the boss was 330
But I reached at 230.
I left house at 130
Sit at the bus stop
& Start texting people.
Dam poor thing leis
Alone , shoe spoil, bored.
Somemore the boss late.
So I waited around 1.5 hours ?
Interviewed & Bused home
I swear i will not take bus rides home from there,
Takes like 1.5 hours?
I leave the place at around 430 & reach home at 630.
Nearly 7 alr.

Clue !
If you know this place, you know where i work alr :]

Sorry la.
Very long time never see my zilian photo alr hor.
Let it spoils your eyes.

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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