Saturday, June 05, 2010

Heavenly Day .

Yes, I'm back on blogger
Cause of readership.

Anyways .
I had pizza hut yesterday with my most awesome classmateys
HuiCheng Stephanie, Jeunuesse ,Xinyi & Zixian .

& Meetup with Miyo Konomi and mikannnnnn.

Trained to bugis with konomi
& Slacked , read mags at JCo donuts .
OMG that place is mad cozy .
Mikan came
& dinner at ThaiExpress at Iluma

Busy texting.

Mi and Mikan .
Mikan& her Phuket citrus fruit
My fooood.

Fuwa fuwa charged at $1.10

Camwhore !

Puri prints!


Miyo eating her dinner


Me and Ichigo Bliss

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