Sunday, June 06, 2010

NYAA Commissioning 2010


One of my busiest day in NYP yet .

Its like super tiring ,

I slept at 2 the night before

Studying for my POM >

& Wed class starts at 8.

School ended,

Subway @ AMK

with Jeunuesse Huicheng Xinyi Stephanie , Seanpokey and Colin yewtee.

In which after lunch,

Sean and I headed back to school to study and take our econs ica.

In the library .

Which I met Bnard , Zhenkan , hongpeng ( can checkout his bloggie here) and grace ~

After ICA

Head over for nyaa.

Homed about 11 plus 12.


Dinner at 1030 with adeline !

See , so mean ,

They never feed us .

After the event

We were all in the room ,

Listening to leslie talking about

His experiences with friends being wasted after club.

NYAA Commission 2010

2June 2010 .

Had fun

Although I had tummy pain and head pain ,

& didnt really got high with them.

Really amazed by the disorganisation
But overall its okay .


Everyone is dam high and cho kawaii .

Even though i think that they dont like me,

I cant be bothered .

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