Saturday, June 05, 2010

Genting Day 3

This is Day 3.
Which means it will marks the end of my whole trip.
Sorry for the delay .
I was really really busy .

Look at the roads!!!!

Okay ,
After we check out of hotel ,
& bid goodbye with my uncle .
We head to aracde to pass time .

I totally dontknow how to play .
But I tried to play the car game.
Anyways ,
We decided to ...


Then took out my bow and playyyyyy .

Bad picture .
Sorry ah ,
My nights were bad,
Didnt really rest well.

The kuaytway dam nice.
@ First world bus teminal.
Its at this Milo green place.

IDK whats wrong with this weijian .
He just started to pose like this .
& we just take picture!

Last Group photo .

Weijian and his act cute hairband.

which weird parents that ban them from laughing out loud.
His parents said something like ,
"you laugh one more time i throw you out of the bus !"

Cause I took this picture

Emo picture of me .

Meal on the bus .
Hainanese chicken rice I guess.

Cabbed over to Bishan
To eat kway chap!
Cherie came over to join us!
Weijian's trip .

& HOMEd.

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