Saturday, June 05, 2010

Genting Day 2

Ready for the Part 2 ?

Okay .
After the theme park ,
We went to sing K !
People high tech one nahs,
Touch screen technology.

After sing K .
We headed off for dinner with my family .
In which we all had thai food.
Mad loves!
Anyways ,
Bowling and pooling after dinner ,
Weijian keep winning !

Dont like him .
Bowled with Keli and sister and their circle people.
Anyways ,
The bowling arena or whatever its called is
Seriously .
Cause we played at night,
So its like glow in the dark kinda thing !
& one good thing is that ,

My bowling mates.

the score board.
I prefer pool cause ,
Its much cheaper
We played for like one game ?
&&& We got 6 people.
& at the end,
We had to pay like RM 12 per person .
I mean for me la,
I rather pool :]
Its nice experience though,
My first time playing bowling !

Went seperate ways after the game,
& thennnnn .
Yongxiang called me !
(We thought they died on the way there or something alr)
& super elated.
Cause can see my ST !
So yx gave us his address ,
& the boys went back to bathe,
So i slacked in my room.
Then we head off to look for them..
So weijian and I remembered that the room number was
806, 23th level !
& we went to find la,
Then , something nice happened.
We went to knock on the door ,
& guess what .
There was this lady ,
She put this no disturb sign ,
(like 10plus alr)
And 'open' the door.
She didnt show her face,
The room was dark .
And confirm she from China !
Cause of the speaking tone.
She just hide behind the door
& “请问找谁?”
I stunned ,
So bernard replied something like sorry wrong room .
& we panick alr ,
cause the room number wrong alr what !
So shouted LUAH JIN KAI all the way .
Somemore yongxiang number cant get thru.
Weijian remembered that the 6 was correct ,
So we knocked on all the number 6 rooms.
Totally cant find !
We decided to head back to the hotel .
Just about I gonna bathe,
Yongxiang called ,
And ask me are we still going over ,
So i told him everything
& he say that the room number was 23803
Then I told him
" We shouted luahjinkai and your name all the way leis , never hear us mehs?"
YX : "heard ar, but i thought was other people! "
Me : *sian face* "okay , i bathe first then go over"
Okay , finally correct address alr.
Phoned the guys and tell them,
&by the time we head over was nearly 12 alr.
Slacked with them .
I left at 1 plus.
YX and bernard weijian all went off to buy beer ,
Took a zillion years
I was tired max.
So ST sent me back kfirst .


This is the room .

& boom !
I slept.
Thats all for Day 2.

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

p/s : i want mac delivery nao .かお

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