Saturday, June 05, 2010

What happend?

You guys must be wondering what happen to my boring life.

Basically I MIA for 10days cause I went back to Alor Setar
For 清明。
& my flight to SIN delayed 2 hours
Bored to death
Slacked at Coffee Bean

Witness the first outdoor display SYF for chongboon
I can be a good senior!
Actually it got nothing to do with me .

Diyan was so dam nervous for the whole show that
I got effing nervous also
Cause ppl keep looking at us alr!

Marist band was is good ne!
They dance sorrysorry !
Kawaii max.

Worked ,
Ayako gave me a bow hair band !

She say she is a pear
Cause she ask....
Ayako : Ringo , whats your real name
Me : Apple lor. (笑)
Ayako: (闷)I pear ar !
Ayako : Serious la, whats your real name.
Me : whats your real name ?
Ayako : Amber
Me : oh , Angie
Ayako :*dont believe* Wa, i say amber you say angie , real one not!
Me : Real one la!
Ayako : I say Ruby then you what name
Ayako & me : (笑)
Ayako: Serious la, whats your name.
Me : Angie lor.

Had lolita tea party @akibanana on sunday .
Busy like mad k.
I want my own lolita dress.

CAMWHORE with Konomi ,
Her cammy is awesome/
Will post in another post!

Got my student card alr!

Collected at with Clique
& BAND @NYP today.
Play until I nearly cry .
Cause too lousy alr!
Its challenging but ,
Full band + sightread =CMI for me
Hope tml's prac will be better!
Should I even go ?

Pretty nervous for school !

FHM Pictures!

Yo chio nails!

& Bowei ar,
I want my pictures leis!

Click on my nuffnang ads okay!

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