Saturday, June 05, 2010

Genting Day 2

This is my Genting Trip Day 2.
But part 1 only.
if not I'll upload photos til I siao mansxz !


So , we had a not so late, late night
& For some reasons ,
The hotel is super uber effing noisy at night.
Like what turf ,
Got people knocking and screaming one !
That explains my face below :{

Cant remember on the phone with who .
Anyways ,
I was very excited that day .
Cause .
1. ST , yongxiang & friend is reaching in the evening and meeting us

2 . Theme Park , I didnt have the guts to play anything cans.

We had our breakfast at some expensive and not nice food at some food place.
See see my tired face.
Make my eyes so small :{

Black and white.
Which is actually Soya milk +Grassjelly.
This thing cost RM6.80.
I sip a few mouths and gone alr please!

If you know , I always drink this with my fellow percussionists one,
When we having meals at ChongBoon Market.
& you know what !
CBM sell like large cup only SGD 0.80 !
Chongboon market , i love you .

Had Fishball soup for breakfast.
The fishballs were fried,
And ermmm,
4 for RM7.50
End up i didnt finish cause the fishball too big
I cant squeeze into my mouth
& I just dont like it fried !

The mist or whatevery its called was so strong
That we just slacked again .
Head off to meet 小舅 and family at the bus terminal .
Totally regret eating before that !

Cause the chay kwaytuay was effing delicous.
You have to try it when you go genting .
I think its quite afforable
& I had sweet potato soup .

Taken while walking there.

The auntie spoil my view

The temp that day was 14.5 degree celcius.
Its totally cold for me!
I was complaing about the weather every less-than-10-steps!
I didnt complain when I was in Hongkong can!
Some more i remember ,
We wore ,
Jacket & school uni only.
Dont believe you see!

After that .
Walked to the theme park .
Due to the effing cold weather ,
Me & weijian left bernard in the queue
& we waited for him in the Theme Park hotel .
Cute bears lying all over the place.
Dustin also bearbear one !
But i think its kinda freaky to stay at the hotel.
Cute is cute,
But ....

Can move one !

Finally ,
Bernard is done with the ticketing !
They gave us this coupon thing
Which is totally useless for us.

Wristband !
See , cannot see anything lor !

Me posting with the mascots.
I know one is called tabby ,
The other one Idk alr.

Act cute time,
Wind very strong nahs.!

(!!!!) Double Delight

Queuing upppppp,

At first I sat on the horse,
But it didnt move at all .
Make me sad ttm .
I thought it was suppose to move .
Super malu canns.
Cause we were the first few to go up ,
& I quickly took the horse.
Cause never sit before ma.
Then the boys say it will move up and down one ,
Endup also dont have .
So I switched to a teacup .

Had to play all this ,
Cause I got no guts ,
& the weather was so bad that all the thrilling rides were closed.

At some Beryl's Chocolate place or something
Cause I was freezing cold.

Bumper Boat which we didnt play
Cause there's some weight issues
& the boys argued that it was the boat's problem.
Ang Wei Jian
its because the boats are weak. ; )
Tue at 12:03am ·
Bernard Ng
So we played this boating ride.

Other rides.
This stupid ride : Pirate Car or something
Very retarted name one .

scaredy cat me dont dare to play
& me sending them in ,

Move on .
We tried to kiap the ducks
We failed.
RM16 wasted on that .
RM 17.90 can buy a cute bear alr.
Despite the sadness,
Still have to move on with the rides .

for the pirate ship.
They gave it to us ,
For idk what .
& I told Bnard or weijian
I cant rmb .
"Laminate alr still will 皱皱的“

Mad fun ,
Though I scared till I teared.
I demostated the awesome way of screaming ,
& during the climax,
I didnt even scream.
Cause ,
Screaming can make you more scared !

The next one ,
With this ride ,
I can predict I confirm fail my driving test one .

No other pictures cause effing busy during the ride.
Wore the shower cap due to hygiene
& we had to sign some agreement .

Crazy science lab.
Cheat my feelings one .
The guys brought me to play this ,
Kiddy ride for the kiddy sized speaking me.
At first when we walked in ,
I thought was some freaky ride.(闷)
After the ride ,
Even the angmoh beside me also sian diao!
She gimme the face

By the way .
We had food all the way .
Like keep eating !
We had...

Cup corn :]
Wait super long 才买到。

Baked sweet potato ,
Which is freaking expensive.

& the guys dont believe me that
Potato is different from Sweet potato!
Its different lorrrrrr!

Awesome icecream.
If only i can tabao back
I believe all 3 of us miss it like mad!

Cool stuff we saw ,
before we left the theme park .
Cause like a zillion people queuing for the rides.

I stunned when i see that with Weijian!
Then after that ,
Bernard say : Eh , I show you all something cool
Us : *walked with him * what ?
Bernard show us the machine
Then Weijian demo my expression to bernard
The very first time I saw the machine .


That marks the end of this post .
Be sure to camp here for more!

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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