Saturday, July 25, 2009

School Events ft. random life

Boo hooooooooooo.

Racial Harmony .
This year's racial harmony was the most boring one .
The effort was there, but not the effect.
Thats all because of H1N1

& from our class,
Erika & diyan wore the ethnic costumes.
Unless those who act like one committed one ,
But the whole group didnt show.
Act sai .

Me & Erika mei .

Sweetheart, mei , me .

I know you hate my face,
But too bad!

After POA Mock .
I'm mad happy cause I think that I might be able to pass the mock today .
& I desperately need to cheerup cause I was the 8 that morning .
I did my best alr okay, but still like that ,
What can I do ?
& Walked into the DessertHouse.
Friendly shopkeepers.
& the waffles were yummy.
The mango pudding was tasteless though.
Highly recommended shop.
Its at B1 basement, AMK HUB.
@ watts in area.

Mafia ?
Baby Mafia.

I did this just to fulfill my entertainment .
I'm a little mad at the point of time .
I decided to play with baby and shrug.
I bought this shrug the other day
When I was shopping with Lena the banana.
& I was experimenting more ways to wear the shrug
Just nice she came in with mum.
So I did this to her.
Not enough.
I took my shades,
& let her wear.
Even my mum's helping me .
Superstar right?

How can I be more evil than that?
But she's eff-ed cute lahs .
My dear ayden also wouldnt sit down & let me do this lor.
Even my PA also wouldnt sit down and let me bully him .
That stupid mouse.
I touch his hair , he GL alr .

If you are one of my fan/friend
You must know what Angie loves to eat Guilinggaooooooooo.
(Pearl cooling jelly)
Its stains teeth though,
But the taste is mad delicious!

& I love my fringe pad.
Its exp , but worth the money .
It dont change my fringe .
& its damm cool .
Are you as zai as me ?

I'm soooooooooooo lazy to blog about AYG.
But its definitely gonna be a day to remember in my secondary school life.
So, Mrs Menon Leemei & Jiewei represent the school
& ran around the school with the torch .
Like damm cool right ?
Oh , I know you saw me Diyan Emman Lena.
We didnt play for this.
You siao ar,(!)
We just kpo go & take photo only.
& that's because Mrs Ng ask us to .

This is like the only photo I have for the AYG event
I meant the band version .
Available for grabs!

I want the Tee, the stud braclet& the necklace.
I want to be as chio as her too!

I want Toys DS & DSLR>
Someone's birthday is falling on 2Sept.
You may wanna consider saving up for the act-one-princess.

/love Click on my Nuffnang ads oh.
Arigato ! (∩_∩)

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