Friday, July 24, 2009

Feisty Princess Part 2

"Help the feisty princess!"

Hi to all .
Can you still remember that I once blog about the Feisty Princess.
( )
& ask everyone to help her ?

Yes yes yes .
Now, Nuffnang is opening up a channel to help her !
If you know nuts about her,
This is her background info.

The sweet little feisty princess, Charmine was diagnosed with 4th stage neuroblastoma on 13th February 2009. She has 10 to 20% chance of living if she seeks local treatment. She has 40 to 50% chance of living if she seeks treatment in New York.
As of 5th July, Ourfeistyprincess team has managed to raise $500,000 SGD and they are preparing to send Charmaine to New York for the treatment.

& from Nuffnang :
" Nuffnang is truly inspired by little Charmaine’s fighting spirit. Thus, Nuffnang have decided to join in and do our part as well. Nuffnang would like to invite all our fellow Nuffnangers to join us in providing our little feisty princess with the love and support she needs.

With 40,000 Nuffnangers in Singapore, we believe that together we can aid Chamaine in her fight and make a difference.

This fundraising campaign would run for a period of two months from 23rd July to 24th September 2009.

We would also like to highlight that this is a nonprofit campaign and every dollar donated will be given directly to Charmaine’s family."

If everyone donates a little, it might save her life.

I found this video on YouTube.

Watch It.

To make a donation , you may want to refer to :

Btw, I think they are still many ways for the fundraising!


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