Sunday, May 10, 2009

Extensions or real hair ?

Scare you all first.
Extensions or real hair ?
Human or Ghost ?

I wanna say .
The world is really very small .
Esp Singapore.

Wahahahah .
Like damm cool .
I actually know the girl Adrian is jioing now.
Like 3 years ago ?

I was bored to death the whole day .
Someone wokeme up before Mum.
Bloody tired okay .
Rot & Rot&Rot.
I happily thought that Ayden would come
& play with his pretty sister.
I finally can get out of the house at 5 plus .
& Restaurant hunting .
Mummy wanted to eat Newyork (^2)
& all the restaurants in AMK Hub all long queue.

Ended up eating pizza hut.
& !@#$%^&
I am very angry with the service.
Like wtf.
My pasta came before the soup.
& they didnt even serve us ice water.
& I ask for the waitress ,
She was somehow daydreaming.
& When Mummy bill
They took like 10 tens to return the change.
In a freaking rule manner.
Bought stuffs .
Shoes, Jellylens, & food.

I couldnot get my MiniFan .
Its like out of stock & stuff
I swear I'm gonna get it asap.
Otherwise I will melt in the hall

I promised to pack soon .
Kang hwee young.
Can see my hubby's legs ?

Kengteng & Hwee Chiat just pay me a surprise visit.

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