Saturday, May 09, 2009


Aiya .
I will not rant here.
I will rant at my wretch .
Then I put password.
Then you all cannot seee

I got emo .
& played with my photo shop.
I was freaking pissed with my bloody small eyes in my photo .
So ya .
I dontwanna be known for small eyes oh.

Can you see my super chio ipod?

Muacks to my kitty pencil

Long placed in my bandroom's drawer.
Idk where the "k" go alr .
&i'm busy .
Very busy .

I was viewing those neoprints took million years ago .
Astounded .
Thinking of those days .
Where friendship problems got us damm fcked up
Just like now.

Must write bigger ,
Otherwise some people wouldnot see it!
Roar roar roar.

Buy me this two好吗 ?

Aiyaya .
I just cant bear to give it up permanently.
Looking at them ,
Rewinding the good old days.
Already make me wanna cry alr.
Love you peeps to the greatest extent .
I'm thinking, still thinking (...)

Angie is in midst of growing up .
& I'm glad that I had wonderful friends& gans.
Gans that treat me like real siblings .
& I'm still trying to make more girlfriends
& figure the question posted million years ago out .
等我情绪平复了 ,

Arigato , Sayonara

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