Wednesday, May 13, 2009


"The things I want to do with my family!"

Sometimes i really love Nuffnang laaas.
Exams, exams are driving me nuts la.
&i was so elated to recieve Nuffnang's mail.

Things I wanna do with my family.
If I'm with mum ,
I would definetely wanna go shopping

1. Singapore Flyer!
I went up the Singapore Flyer once .
With the school .
& We didnt have the time to REALLY look at the scenery .
Cause we had to find the answers& information for the project(s) .
Nearly all the subjects okay ?
Thinking of that ,
It nearly drove us crazy
I wanted to visit during my birthday with someone special lastyear,
But the ticket price & our busy schedule tighted us down.
Sad right?
& Everytime my cousins come to Singapore .
We couldnot visit the Flyer due to the costly ticket .
Our family didnt think that it's a MUST for such enjoyment.
So we only drive past that place everytime.
& cousins will see the Flyer in , WOWNESS .
You get what I mean ?

2. East Coast Park .
I remembered when I was so much younger.
& cousins are like sooooo small .
The whole family would go to East Coast park at the late evening for a walk
& such -.-
I used to think that its damm lame retard
Cause you drive all the way to ECP.
& had a breezy walk .
The part I dislike the most is that ,
Its pitch dark .
& you cant see things la.
& also cant go near the shore.
& all the shopes are closed.
What's there to see
. (?)
& nothing to buy also .
Now that we seldom can have such gatherings .
Cause uncle& aunties all stay in M'sia.
& that I'm so busy & stressed up .
I wished I could go ECP everyweek .
Beautiful beach & stuff.

3. Lovely Meals .
When I was like in primary school .
I used to go to JB everyweekend .
& meetup with the whole family .
Okay , not all .
But almost all.
& have Seafood .
& shopping at Giant .
& some other random places.
Giant was the nearest shopping mall near our house that time.
Now got Jusco & stuff.
I really missed those days la.

Okay .
Should be that's all .
& I hope I can win

"Start planning for your own Family Day Out on 30 May 2009! Visit!"

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