Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Morning :D
I bet you peeps miss me like hell right ?
Then why so little tags?
Make me damm upset you know .
You people ar , Horrible ar.
I never update then never tag alr/
>.< Monday.
Was a school holiday .
But I guess its school Study holiday .
Or whatever it is .
I went out to go some shopping & studying.

New member 、 新成员

The flag one .
I purposely blurred everyone in the photo .
So that you can see the 主角

Bloody Anni.
(笑 )
Cina paper was okay .
I was not inspired.

Left Bloody school with Diyan .
Walked all the way to tiantianwu
Like trillion of years never eat alr .
& BOOM .
All Deyians flooding the place.
& ya
We dont wanna act cute there.
& walked to hub.

Omelette Rice.
Rated it : 3/5
Cause I think its not very nice .

Went my house .
& saw KT & HC at a nearby void deck .
Played with my jelly lens.

Sexy ar .

I think I'm fit enough to be paparazzi .
I think I've got potential in it .
Waste my money .
Insane Angie.
Mickey ears & tiger ear.

POA paper.
Then I think I went home & sleep.
Shameless told me this.
: " 你很懒猪lei , hello.吃睡吃睡 "

Thursday .
It was my Bff , wilson koh's bday .
Happy 19th Birthday.
Unable to celebrate with him .
I called him & wish him okays.
Ohmys #
& yst was geo & poa .
Keke .
I didnt manage to finish the poa .
Bloody confusing .

Friday .
I was like supposed to wakup
& study SS.
But someone overslept .
& I bloody didnt study SS at all .
I studied my Emaths yst okay .
Chiahao kor helped me

What's wrong with the climate nowadays.
Had tuition justnow
Haisx ,
Damm poor thing .
The sky was throwing tantrum .
Like nearly everyone's dozing off in tuition .
I damm tired okay
SS paper's driving my hand crazy .

Tml's another busy day .

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  1. Your blogskin is so .... oh btw, the top got nuffnang add, lol, check the codings out ~


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