Friday, May 15, 2009

Wahahah .
I seriously miss band practices la.
& Miss Diyan Ashkin is bloody tempting me to join SSW
Though I'm noob player.
>.< Change my skin .
The previous one is boring me .
Its looking so sloppy la.
So change lo This one look more fresh .
Though it's basic skin .
Wahahah .
Kawaii-des. HelloKitty x Reita. (lefulefulefu)

Holding hands somemore .

I'm so jealous .
Ahhhhhhhhhh .

I had a hectic day .
I was bloody late for tuition at Daryl's house today .
& the security guard auntie very cute .
" Why all the girls come for tuition today , all the boys come for soccer."
I smiled & walked off quickly .

Then had lunch at the tempatary market .
The one that was burned away .
First visit there.
Everyone's very friendly .
Hahah .
Food's delicious & cheap.

Chiong home la .
Got tuition ma .
I first time 打瞌睡 in tuition .
I totally got no energy to entertain my tutor la.
& electone class.
I needa work damm hard for my impro la.
Sightplaying is alrights alr .
Impro is my biggest problem .

My aim :
Take Grade6 Exams at the March exam week next year .
Jiayous .
One song +1 page of 菊花台 to go .
&Impro , gonna work hard on the playing.
Just cant play out my ideas smoothly .
& hearing ,
Ahk , shouldnt be a problem.

I'm tired .
Studying with Bnard tml , maybe

p/s : are you wondering what is LUKULUKU ?
p/p/s : I will tell you all unless you comment me !
p/p/p/s : Should I join SSW ?


  1. Join SSW :D YES!
    see, i so pro, can temp you join
    & the photo of kitty&reita, is OMG So damn cute lo!

  2. Ya la , kawaii untill I bwg .

  3. join for what.. u join sure kena hunt down everyday u dun wan also they pull u one.. irritated to death

  4. Lol, bernard, they are not thaat bad -_- they wont hunt you down, if they know you're having Os ~


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