Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friendship problem

This is too much too much .
I need time to adapt to this dramatic change .
& something so mini actually turned into something that is so unexpected .
I need some advice.
Why would things turned out this way ?
Someone who ganged up ,
& another whom keep assuming ?
How much harm & hurt its gonna get.

I thought that friends are supposed to stand side by stand ,
& True friends are those who wouldnot mind anything .
Why is life so unfair then?

So ,
What are friends ?
* Thanks peeps for helping me collate the following information *
  • Able to help each other when in need.
  • Friends are ppl whom can be trusted, ppl who will be there when we need them, and ppl whom will be there for when they need me
  • Care or Help you if friend cause they know u well
  • Can talk to them when i got prob, can rely on them, trust them
  • They can share things with me when they need a fren, and also mus be able to have fun tgt
  • Being good friends dont argue, dont fight , & if they do , both of them will try to make peace.
  • Someone to lend a shoulder to cry when im down, someone who will be with me through rain or shine . someone who loves me for who i am .
  • Someone who you played with,study with,cry with,accompany you with
  • People whom you enjoy being with
  • stay by your side no matter what and they help you、
  • TRUE friends who are willing to help u being there for you
  • Someone's who is there for you , thick & thin .
  • Someone who wouldnot backstab, gossip about your info & do anything to hurt you .
  • People who share thoughts & feelings.
  • They piss u off and shit some times but they still stick with you all that gay crap

If you and your friends always agree, one of you is unnecessary.
If friends dont fight ,how to become close ?
If friends dont compare, what's the point of being friends?

Peace out .


  1. heh cheer up kaes (:
    whatever happens i will be there for you (:
    take cares

    loves,weijie (:

  2. Hahas, i saw my comment . Smile eh sweetheart . 只要笑一笑,没什么过不了!Dont bother about those shuangmianrens, waste time only . :D

  3. So upset, I think sometime they didn't wanted to be like that but, sad, cause everyone is struggling so they turn up so two face. Haiyah, don't know what am I talking, hahahas !!! Just stay happy la, think so much making you so fan nao, don't think anything make you calm and peace (:
    Okays, takecare Anqi jiejie (:

  4. Someone who wouldnot backstab, gossip about your info & do anything to hurt you .
    I disagree, surely something your friend done would have hurt you one way or another.
    We'll solve it upcoming monday yeah :D Cheer up!

  5. Yeah, we'll solve it on monday. Dont think too much for now. kaixin ba. :D

  6. yup yup :D
    I'll be there, if needed..


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