Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Okay ,
I had peace bread &land for the past few days .
& I'm really happy .
Expect the fact that someone called me 懒猪。

So .
I realised that I can build my own pen .
I will post a detailed one soon.

& Decorating my boards.
Not yet done .
But soon too .
I promised,
& I'll post it up .

& something marvellous I did to mummy's phone .
I think she also bwg ,
Not done yet .
Cause I'm damm lazy to go & cut the jewels.

Frail ?
Do I look pale ?

I'm so to flunk my papers la .
I'm damm restless now
So ,
When I'm free,
I will come back & edit ,
Into a more detailed one .

& we went .
After a trillion years.

Failure shots .
But it's okay.

Make a stand :I dislike this pic to a large extent.
Factor 1 : My hair is screwed.
Factor2 : My mouth is shaped disgustly .
& i also dk why like that .
Purpose : Angie [who ]wants to let her readers[whom] know that She didnot want the outcome to be like that & she's feeling really guilty.[intended action]

p/s : one more paper to go ,
p/p/s : I hate cold-blooded creatures .

1 comment:

  1. Im always the first :D Woots!
    & tian tian wu photos, wth, 3 chopsticks & are you trying to practice SS SBQ? Lols!


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