Saturday, April 11, 2009

I love softbank .

Today was super tiring for me.

Dearest at Kbox.
& Argh.
I wanna go Kbox alsoooo.
Giving up camp to go kbox?
I'm just not in the mood to go for camp.
In school somemore.
Dearest still owe me a song!
That asshole refused to sing .
He say he will only sing in Kbox.
Ohya .
He came out with a new vulgarity last night .
Which make me laugh hardhard.

After the years .
I've been searching for the braclet i wanted .
But to no avail .
The design is forever in my head.
I tried drawing it out .
But I failed
Which makes me real sad.
Okay la .
I'm a little bit weird.
I really cant find the similar designs as well.

POA Sucks .
Honestly , seriously, sincerely.
I seriously have no idea on how to do the bloody questions.
I should have dropped it .
So much of proving that band members can study
Who's fault ?
Those fucktards fault.
I hope you walk on the road
& got knocked down by cars.

Argh .
Damm it .
I owe Ronald a treat to dinner .
Cause I lose the SYF bet.
Stupid judges.
So strict for what ?
Argh !
I hope he bloody forgot about it .
Cause I'm broke.
Very broke.
I needa save for my air ticket .

P/s :I design the bloodybracelet in my brains .

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